O’Driscoll Cost Management

O’Driscoll Cost Management

There is a 75% chance that you have a major problem with your bank, building society or vulture fund that you know nothing about. Are you one of the lucky 25%? Contact us to find out more.

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O’Driscoll Cost Management

O’Driscoll Cost Management is your totally independent financial partner, with a checking service that will quickly tell you if there are any problems with your bank account and set about fixing them. We work with clients nationwide. We have over a decade of experience in helping clients to resolve issues with their bank and recover any monies owed to them. This is a very specialised service; we are currently one of only four companies in Ireland providing this service.
We will recover any monies owed to you (with interest of course).

Major areas of concern are:

  • Interest Overcharges

  • Inaccurate Fees

  • Penalty Rates

  • Investigation Void Bank Contracts

  • Hidden Charges

  • Incorrect Account Setup

  • Incorrect Interest Margins

  • Credit Accounts Ignored

  • Accounts Not Set Off

  • Unfair Contracts

  • Inappropriate Security

  • Unjust Guarantees

Our Services

Because of our combined expertise, we can cover every aspect of a case. We can, if you wish, act on your behalf totally, accompany you at meetings with your bank or simply supply you with the information to enable you to negotiate on your own. The choice is entirely yours.

We can:

  • Check The Accuracy of Interest and Banking Fees

  • Obtain Refunds of Monies Overcharged

  • Access Your Present Banking Set-Up and Make Suggested Changes

  • Obtain Legal Opinion and Representation


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